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My artistic journey began more than 20 years ago; at that time I was a young mother grappling with my faith after a tumultuous youth and young adulthood. I was inspired to write a short story about change and transformation - my own change and transformation - set to a choreographed dance using imagery of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. This project, called Resurrection or The Butterfly Story, emphasized a deep seated passion for artistic expression that I hadn’t yet realized I carried. As I said ‘yes’ to this God given creative gift , I have been inspired to experiment with a variety of different artistic mediums and forms of expression. 


My creative journey has created a foundation of creativity in my home. Each of my daughters have bloomed into talented young women who, despite being in STEM and trade industries, find ways to explore creativity in the male-dominated fields they have broken into. Beyond just my immediate family, spending summers at the cabin my husband and I share with my sister and her spouse has become a reliable season of crafting. After catching the creativity bug one summer spent working on wire wrapping and beading, my sister now inspires me with every new and unique project she tackles. Art has not only proved to be a way to affirm community within my family, but a way to create new opportunities and new friendships; I use crafts to drive fundraisers at the school I work in, as gifts to give attendees at the church conferences I help organize, and Art Party Nites where ever I am invited.

And who am I? My name is Lynn Appelt. I live in a small rural town on the Saskatchewan prairies, where I am surrounded in the summertime with fields of golden wheat and lively canola; subtle but delightful hues of orange and yellow in the fall; a hushed, blanketed landscape during our long winters. I am an abstract contemporary artist who loves working with a variety of mixed mediums. On this website you will find various branches of my creative expression, from abstract paintings to  jewelry, and claywork. If you’re looking for something new and original, or beautiful and practical, I’m sure you’ll find something here to love. Tell your friends and family - and enjoy!

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